Scars to your beautiful.

I find this amazingly incredible how today this world of social networking has spurred people to project themselves as personalities they never possibly were ..flawlessly intact, unblemished, masked with filters and adorned with captions that tend to present them as nothing less than the incarnation of angelic beauty(with brains of course as the captions suggest).And tbh in a world rife with people marking a person on the basis of face value, this surely seems to be a prudent idea.

But then there are people even filters can do no good to. People, even makeup has given up on.People like me who never would really fit into the beauty standards of the society however hard they try. Nevertheless being an “odd one out” child in the class with this assymetrical and scarred face, cleft treated lips and crooked nose and being bullied for everything i had no control over has done more good to me than anything.It has forced people around me to look beneath my skin and compliment me (or maybe dislike me) for the person i am, for the qualities i hold and for the things they would have never truely beholded if i were a perfect face with a straight stiff nose or those sexy elevated cheekbones or that “36-24-36” adorable body(according to ncert textbooks).And tbh it has somewhere forced me to work on the other areas of my personality, areas where i can healthily compete with others, areas where insecurities wouldn’t acquire control over me,areas where i can seek someones honest compliments (i know that sounds so desperate, but everyone likes compliments, don’t they?)

So why not take a minute to stand and cherish those scars, scars which have ever since been cursed for ruining our lives but have always managed to get the better of us somehow, scars that have shaped us as the persons we are today: odd,flawed yet striving hard to find a place in the society, scars that have dawned the “go getters” within us.

PS : Cheers to the scarred, odd, imperfect ones.


Cuz darling! Love is all that matters

Whenever you’re having a terrible day

Pushed over the edge with unrequited love, unanswered questions

And you think it could be no worse

Do try to dig into the lives of some of those bravehearts.

Souls who decide to give in to that unawarded love consciously.

A Love they know that would end up getting them gullotined or bullet ridden or chiseled at the borders.

They are eventually the ones who teach you the essence of true love, pious passionate overwhelming love.

So why not romanticize with the idea of that kinda love

A love deeper than anyother.

Stronger than everyother